Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed common questions that customers frequently ask us for you to peruse. Feel free to call us on 0800 678 1002 if you require any further information.

  • Do Motorscreen offer a mobile service? - yes we do.
  • Payment methods. - We accept Cash or Card.
  • Do I have to contact my insurance company - No! Motorscreen UK Ltd has direct billing arrangements with most insurance companies. We will simply ask to see your policy details and for you to pay the excess if applicable and we will take care of everything else. 
  • Will I lose my 'no claims' bonus? - No, if you have fully comprehensive insurance you will not lose your ‘no claims’ bonus, although this will affect your yearly premium.
  • What service level can I expect? - Whether you pay by cash, credit/debit card or go through your insurance company, we provide all our customers with glass repair and replacement cover 7 days a week. Our national branch network carries massive glass stocks to ensure immediate response and our mobile service allows us to make arrangements that suit your needs. Working with Motorscreen's repair and replacement network gives added assurance of quality and service. 
  • Will you remove all the broken Glass? - Yes, all our vans are equipped with on board 240v electric systems so vacuum removal of all broken glass is no problem, leaving your car clean and tidy. 
  • Will my glass be guaranteed? - Yes, all glass fitted by us carries a year’s warranty. Your peace of mind is secure, if you have any issues within the warranty period, we will endeavour to address them as quick as possible.
  • Can I drive my vehicle after my glass is replace? - To ensure the safety of you and your passengers the windscreen has to be properly bonded to the vehicle and sufficiently cured before you drive away, otherwise heavy braking, bumpy driving or vibration could cause the screen to leak or dislodge and not fit properly. If a non-bonded piece of glass is fitted e.g. door glass, you can drive it straight away. Our fitter will advise you on the safe drive away times when he’s with you.