Insurance Excess

Private car Insurance for windscreen replacement
Some companies may suggest that you go through your insurance and you will pay the excess of anything upto £250, but in a lot of cases we may be able to do it cheaper than your excess. Glass claims through your insurance will not affect your no claims bonus although some insurers may freeze your no claims for a time if claiming when glass.

Insurers have to get there money back after any claim so it’s a possibility that after any claim your annual policy may rise, and a lot are asking if you have had a glass claim in the last 12 months so its worth seeing if we can save you the hassle.

Fleet and Company Insurance for windscreen replacement
When it comes to company insurance the excess can be anything up to £500. If your excess is £250 or more, we try and beat the excess price for screens and side glass, saving money and time. Windscreen chip repairs are sometimes reported as FREE. This only applies to some insurance companies.

With our cheap repairs we believe we will do a better job and save you a claim.

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