One of the UK market leaders in the repair, replacement and calibration of vehicle glass Motorscreen specialises in sustainable solutions for repair and replacement of vehicle glass, with convenient locations, high-quality products and smart solutions. We recognise our responsibility in preserving the planet’s primary resources and securing its future. We help our partners and customers make simplified and sustainable choices.

Committed to reducing carbon emissions throughout the value chain

The Board of Directors at Motorscreen Ltd are pleased to present our sustainability report for the year ending 2024. We acknowledge the increasing importance of sustainability and the necessary role that businesses must play in promoting sustainable practices. Motorscreen is dedicated to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality, innovation and service to our customers


Motorscreen Ltd are setting a clear objective when it comes to minimising our climate impact, we aim to reduce emissions by 41 percent by 2030. The goal is in-line with the criteria of Science Based Targets Initiative. Our repair first strategy is integrated into our business, giving customers a sustainable solution. Repairing instead of replacing a windscreen saves 44Kg of CO2 emissions being released into the atmosphere. Digital services and AI systems (send us a video or pic) for our customers offer simplified and smart solutions where damage assessment is completed remotely, reducing the number of trips to our fitting centres.

Our employees

Our strong focus to becoming the employer of choice in our industry, attracting new employees and retaining our current ones. Communication across the organisation is key to achieving this. Creating open forums and channels of communication where employees are free to express their views on what can be improved in their working environment and across the company. We are proud to have minimum work related injuries maintaining a safe environment for employees and increase diversity within the workplace.


We focus on good compliance across all the members of Motorscreen Ltd. We are committed to ensuring that appropriate policies and procedures are in place to ensure compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations in accordance with industry best practice.


We acknowledge that sustainability is not a destination, but an ongoing journey towards continuous improvement. As such, we have identified areas where we need to improve and we are committed to addressing these concerns while maintaining our commitment to sustainability. We believe that this report will be a valuable tool for our staff in understanding our sustainability performance. It provides a transparent view of our efforts towards creating a sustainable future and our achievements so far. We recognise that effective communication is vital for building and maintaining trust. We thank all our staff for their continued support and engagement in our sustainability journey.



Motorscreens vision is to lead the way in our industry when it comes to sustainability. During the year we made progress across all three of our focus areas of sustainability – Climate, Our People and Governance.”

Sustainability is at the heart of Motorscreens identity and strategy. The company strives to “lead the way” in the UK market when it comes to service and to be at the forefront of digitisation and minimising climate impact.

Our vision is to be the most sustainable company in our industry, with a strong connection between business strategy, brand value and sustainability management. Our focus for our sustainability work covers three areas: environment, social and governance issues.

Focus on three sustainability areas


Target  – To reduce our climate footprint by 41 percent 2020–2030 Focus areas • Reduction of CO2 e • Recycle rate • Purchase of recycled materials • Repair rate • Sustainable transportation

Our people

Target – To be an attractive workplace with no work-related injuries Focus areas • Continue to reduce work related injuries • Employee Satisfaction Index • Employee Net Promoter Score • Employee Engagement Index • Improve diversity


Target –

To ensure good compliance throughout the Group Focus areas • Cases in whistleblowing system • Training in Code of Conduct and anti-corruption.